Chapter 3: ArtificiaI Intelligence Readiness

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Course Description

How do organisations become ready to accept Artificial Intelligence? What are the foundations, infrastructure and interfaces required? How can management systems influence the embedding of AI practices?

By the end of the chapter, participants will be able to:

  • Define key attributes required for AI readiness 
  • Determine the barriers and actions to promote organisational readiness
  • Identify technical conditions required for AI implementation
  • Ascertain key benefits of AI to the environment and humanity

It is estimated that you complete this chapter in 90 minutes.


In order to be awarded a certificate for this chapter, you need to score 80% or more on each quiz in this chapter. You can retake each quiz for a maximum of 3 times and check the correct and incorrect answers after each try. Once you successfully complete all 8 chapters, you can claim your ‘Digital Skills for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution’ (DS4AIR) certificate from here