Our aim is to reskill vulnerable adults whose jobs are threatened by the new technologies, hence ensuring their survival and prosperity in the job market.
Digital Skills for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution
an Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education (2020-1-MT01-KA204-074223)

The global workforce is today facing a critical period of jobs and skills instability. Oxford University researchers claim that 47% of today’s jobs will disappear in the coming years. The Future of Jobs 2018 report, by the World Economic Forum (WEF), anticipates that 75 million jobs will be displaced by AI, robotics and automation, but suggests that 133 million new jobs may be created as an outcome of the shift in work between humans and machines. The net resulting 58 million new jobs require a human workforce which possess proficient digital skills. Pursuant to such predictions, the WEF has recently launched the ‘Reskilling Revolution’, aimed at providing better education, new skills and better work to a billion people by the year 2030.

In line with this initiative and as a proactive (rather than a reactive) measure, the Erasmus+ ‘Digital Skills for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution’ (DS4AIR) project aims at designing and developing an online self-paced training course on digital skills for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution in order to reskill vulnerable adults whose jobs are threatened by the new technologies, hence ensuring their survival and prosperity in the job market. For more information visit www.ds4air.com

The DS4AIR online course

Eight self-paced 90-minute chapters which assume no prior knowledge or experience of working with the themes covered and specifically designed for the place of work and in view of the Fourth Industrial and AI Revolutions. You can earn individual certificates for each chapter and an overall certificate for the whole course, once you successfully complete all chapters.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? What is its impact? How did it all begin? How did it evolve? How does it benefit society? What are the subfields of Artificial Intelligence? What are their ethical implications?


Chapter 2: Applications of Artificial Intelligence

What are the applications of Artificial Intelligence in Emerging Technologies and Human-Machine Interactions? In which sectors is AI being adopted? How is AI enhancing the field of Science?


Chapter 3: ArtificiaI Intelligence Readiness

How do organisations become ready to accept Artificial Intelligence? What are the foundations, infrastructure and interfaces required? How can management systems influence the embedding of AI practices?


Chapter 4: AI and Emerging Technologies

What are Emerging Technologies? How does Artificial Intelligence work with different Emerging Technologies? How can Big Data and AI enhance business operations? How does AI work on the Cloud and Blockchain?


Chapter 5: Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation? What are the phases in a Digital Transformation process and strategy? Which are the key organisational characteristics for AI integration in Digital Transformation?


Chapter 6: Machine Learning in Practice

What is Machine Learning? What is Classification? What are Decision Trees? What are different types of learning in Machine Learning? What are Machine Learning applications?


Chapter 7: Neural Networks and Deep Learning

What are Neural Networks? What is Deep Learning? What are the different types of Deep Learning algorithms? What are the benefits and challenges in Deep Learning? What are Deep Learning applications?


Chapter 8: The Future of Work in the AI Revolution

How is AI shaping the future of work? Why are humans key to digital transformation? What is transformational leadership and what does leading with AI entail? Why are digital skills the future of work?


Claim your DS4AIR course certificate!

After successfully completing and consequently earning a certificate for the individual chapters, you can claim your 'Digital Skills for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution' certificate, which includes all 8 chapters!