Chapter 5: Digital Transformation

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Course Description

What is Digital Transformation? What are the phases in a Digital Transformation process and strategy? Which are the key organisational characteristics for AI integration in Digital Transformation?

By the end of the chapter, participants will be able to:

  • Define the term Digital Transformation
  • Describe the phases of a Digital Transformation process and strategy
  • Determine the key organisational characteristics in an AI integration process
  • Describe the key organisational aspects for Digital Transformation

It is estimated that you complete this chapter in 90 minutes.


In order to be awarded a certificate for this chapter, you need to score 80% or more on each quiz in this chapter. You can retake each quiz for a maximum of 3 times and check the correct and incorrect answers after each try. Once you successfully complete all 8 chapters, you can claim your ‘Digital Skills for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution’ (DS4AIR) certificate from here